Welcome to Rock Phoenix, your source for up to date information on Arizona’s vibrant music scene. Arizona is filled with countless up and coming bands, great venues, and very dedicated listeners and fans.

I’m Olivia Khiel and music is my passion. I am always looking for new bands both locally and nationally.  I enjoy many genres, but have a particular affinity for pop-punk and alternative rock because the potential for these types of music is limitless.  Some of my favorite bands include My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Cab, The Summer Set, The Maine, and so many more. As you can see from the picture above, I truly enjoy getting to meet the musicians that I admire. This particular photo was taken in September 2011 when I met Patrick Stump, former lead singer of Fall Out Boy, during his solo tour.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce my readers to the flourishing music scene present in the Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona.  Arizona is home to hundreds of bands, several interesting venues, and an eager community of music lovers of all ages and I am excited to be writing about something that means so much to me.


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