Venue Profile: Marquee Theatre

Tempe’s Marquee Theatre is one of Arizona’s most popular music venues. Located on the corner of Mill Avenue and Washington Street, Marquee attracts crowds of all ages to concerts of all genres.

Hot Chelle Rae rocks Marquee Theatre (Photo Credit: Olivia Khiel)

However, Marquee is a tricky venue to handle unless you have experience with it. I have been to many shows at Marquee and enjoyed all of them, but they did not come without lessons learned. For example, I attended a concert for O.A.R. and Parachute on January 25 that was a bit different from what I’ve experienced there in the past. The crowd was older than the typical college audience and the alcohol was flowing freely. However, it was still a great show and the different atmosphere, in my opinion, only made Marquee more dynamic as a venue. With that in mind, here’s the need-to-know facts about Marquee Theatre.

Location: 730 N. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281

Size: The venue holds approximately 1,000 people.

Parking: Marquee’s lot costs $5 per car.

Alright, basic stats out of the way; now lets get to the fun.


One thing you absolutely have to know about Marquee is that the employees and the security people are not very friendly. Before you can enter the venue, guys and girls are separated into two lines to have bags searched and to be frisked. Sometimes people are even required to remove their shoes. Don’t argue with the security people.

What Not to Bring to Marquee

  • Pencils/pens
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Food
  • Water/other beverages
  • Cameras with removable lenses (unless you have a photo pass)
  • Jackets

All of the above items will be confiscated and thrown away so avoid the trouble by just not bringing them. The trick to Marquee is to pack light. Bring your wallet, phone, small digital camera, and some earplugs if you have sensitive hearing.

Inside the Venue

Marquee has a small lobby with a merch area, bathrooms, and the bar. There is also a small outdoor seating area for the smoking section of the crowd. The venue then opens into the main stage area. The floor is sloped, so there really isn’t a bad place to stand in the entire open area. There is a barrier in front of the stage to lean on during the show if you are one of the lucky few to be so close to the band.

Overall, Marquee is actually a very enjoyable place to attend concerts. Have a show experience at Marquee? Good/bad? Share it in the comments!

Rock on, my friends.